Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Worst Part About Copy Edits!

In almost every book I read, I see at least one or two typos. Every one!

Copy editing is supposed to clear all of these, and back when I was just a spectator, I used to think a typo meant someone was being lazy on the job. I didn't give the benefit of the doubt to those who spent hours toiling over a book to make it perfect for publication. I had high expectations at the ripe old age of 15!

Now, here I am, done with all my content edits. I've gone back and forth with this book about four times. My editor is probably tired of seeing my book. I know I'm tired of seeing my book. (I mean...I love my book, but reading it five times in as many weeks can burn a mother out. :) ) But now, I have to go through it again and look for anything that we've missed.

This is probably the toughest edit for me. How do I keep my eyes from skipping? My brain knows this book backward and forward. It knows what is supposed to be there, and I think it is going to make me see what is supposed to be there instead of what is actually there. I say this, because so far, I've found nothing! Did we really rock it and catch everything? Or am I missing something major?

I know all the editors, from content to copy, probably feel the same pressure I feel not to miss anything, and they, too, probably have a skip in the brain from time to time. Surely that can be understood if not excused, right?

In short, I have a deep...deep respect for what editors do, now more than ever, and experiencing what really goes on behind the curtain, I have to tell the younger version of me to shut it! So what if there's a typo? Get over it.

>.> please don't let there be a typo in my book

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