Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Friday Weekend...Week...Month

Why do we not just call it holiday shopping sale? Why bother have it on a single day when you know it's going to be "extended". Then there's Cyber Monday, and that gets extended, too. The sales never end, neither does the mail spam and it's all messing with my holiday mojo! Wtf marketing idiots?

There is nothing more distracting for writers than this time of year. Believe me. Not only do most of us have other jobs while waiting to be lucky enough to make the big bucks in writing, (And by big bucks I mean paying for groceries and cost of living, not paying for a trip to McDonald's and a pack of T.P.) but we all have to do shopping, business parties, and setting up for the holidays while trying to throw in some writing time.

I don't know about any other writer out there, but I can tell you, my creativity spikes when I know I can't write. I usually get great ideas when I'm on my way out the door to a family function or a dentist appointment or some such. It's always at the worst time.

Then when I do sit down to write, I usually have to write up a quick blog post ( :) Cheese!) or respond to Twitter requests and make statements on my myriad Facebook pages just to feel like I'm plugged back in. Then I write for about five seconds and Booooop! My email is going off again with another notice from another store that sends me coupons every other day, telling me that I have just six more hours left to shop their deals. I keep writing. Guess I'm going to miss out on some cheap pink hair dye.

Boop! Six hours later I'm trying to squeeze in another 500 words and my phone is informing me that it's a good thing I didn't stop typing earlier, because they have no extended the sale for the following day too. But all the really good deals...well those are happening right now and only now. Boop! Amazon deals are still up for grabs until midnight. Boop! Old Navy says I've got a little more time too. Boop! Kohl's would really love it if I shopped their extended sale and while I'm at it, I need to download their store app which if I check in when I get to the store I can have more extra awesome points for being poised to spend money...possibly.

I turn my phone off and get back to writing, but now I can't stop thinking...what if the gifts I got for my family are cheaper elsewhere and I didn't look?

I look at my phone again and chew on my lip, right before I flip it the middle-jack-knuckle and think, screw it, I'd pay more to get this damn book typed out! I will not be victimized by passive aggressive marketing any more! At least not until I get my 2.5k words out for the day.

Happy Shopping everyone!